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          Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system allows to monitor facilities, office, factory or residence etc. in order to safeguard your vital assets without physically being present at each location. A single CCTV system can display videos from multiple surveillance cameras installed across various locations of a single premise. CCTV solutions are gaining importance due to ongoing efforts of organizations to efficiently monitor their requirements in a more professional and transparent fashion. CCTV security surveillance solutions for various business entities and homes to address their security requirements. Solutions are tailor-made based depending on factors specific to the clients concerns and priorities.

          CCTV surveillance system is required for the applications as mentioned:

          • Applications to monitor the movement of people within the business premise (Banks, Hospitals, Government Departments etc.)
          • Applications to monitor the employees to ensure just and unbiased performance assessment (Telesales staff, Receptionists, Customer Service agents etc.)
          • Application to monitor handling and management of goods coming in and out of your organization (Warehouses, Supermarkets, Construction sites etc.)
          • Applications to ensure safety and security of visitors and their belongings (Shopping Malls, Hotels, Restaurants etc.)
          • Applications to provide extra security to tenants (Residential buildings, Residential communities, Villa compounds etc.)

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