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        The Zone Finder range of conventional fire detection and alarm panels is a highly cost effective option for small building premises requiring coverage for up to twelve detection zones. Certified to EN54 parts 2 & 4, the Zone Finder panels incorporate an integral power supply with space for standby batteries.

        Two versions are available, the Zone Finder offering 2 or 4 detection zones and the Zone Finder PLUS, offering 2 through to 12 detection zones. Both versions offer individual zone selection for conventional or Twin Wire operation along with one-man walk test mode facility and false alarm management options. Activation of controls is available via key switch or pass-code entry.

        In addition, the Zone Finder Plus can be fitted with High Spec Expansion cards to provide additional sounder, relay and switched -ve outputs. A fully functional repeater panel is available which communicates using a 2 core data cable with the main ZoneFinder PLUS panel via a plug in comms card. The comms card also incorporates 6 programmable switched -ve outputs.

        FEATURES :
        • 2 to 128 Zone versions available
        • Fully Approved by LPCB to EN54-2 & 4
        • Twin-Wire option selected via integral switches
        • False alarm management
        • Integral detector removal monitoring
        • Integral Switch Mode PSU and battery space
        • 2 Monitored sounder circuits
        • 2 Auxiliary VFCO (1x Fire) (1x Fault)
        • Class Change and Alert input
        • Test Mode including One Man Walk Test
        • Control Enable via key switch or passcode
        • Monitored Outputs : Standard 2x rated 500mA at 28vdc where additional circuits are fitted, ensure 2.4A is not exceeded across all circuits
        • Relay Outputs : 1x Fire 1 x Fault each VFCO rated at 3A @ 30V dc
        • Power Supply : Zone Finder - 1.5 amp at 28vdc (space for 2x 3,2Ahr batteries) Zone Finder Plus - 3 amp at 28vdc (space for 2x 7Ahr batteries)
        • Cabinet : 1.2mm Mild Steel - finish Surf Mist Ripple
        • Weight : Zone Finder - 4kg, Zone Finder Plus - 5kg
        • IP rating : IP 30
        • Temperature : -5° C to +40°C max RH 95%


        Conventional Fire Control Panel with 6 zones according DIN VdE 0830, English version.

        FEATURES :
        • 6 zones for conventional detectors Hochiki CDX range or Apollo Series 60/65/Orbis
        • 6 digital electronic outputs
        • 1 relay output fault condition
        • 6 relay outputs alarm condition
        • Monitored power output for sounders / strobes Alarm indication LED for each zone Panel checks the system functions continuously
        • Battery charger max. 1 x 7,0Ah / 12V)
        • Mains AC : 230 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz
        • Operating voltage : 12 V DC Power consumption : 25 VA
        • Sounder output : max. 300 mA / 12 V
        • Battery : max. 1 x 7,0 Ah / 12 V
        • Operating temperature : 0 to +40 °C
        • IP rating : IP 40
        • Housing : ABS, RAL 7035
        • Weight : 2 kg w/o batteries Dimensions (WxHxD) : 325 x 240 x 80 mm

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