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          Firefighting System Supplier & Maintenance Services

          Global Alarms is a Civil Defense approved and A+ certified company excel in providing the fire alarm systems, firefighting systems, emergency & exit lightings systems installation, testing, maintenance, certification, approvals and various services in and around Abu Dhabi & Al Ain region.

          For more details, please contact us on info@globalalarms.ae or call today +971 2 550 4002.

          Design and Support Design and Support related to Fire & Gas, Security Systems, Access Controls, M2M, Solar Power Solutions, Vehicle Tracking etc.

          Solutions Offered Fire Alarm systems, Fire Fighting, fire suppression, Emergency lighting, supply, Install, testing, Commissioning and Maintenance services are offered.

          Technical Support Technical Assistance on Product selection, Design, Onsite Trouble Shooting, Commissioning Assistance, Services etc.

          Training Programs Customized Training for Fire technicians and fire engineers on programming, testing, commissioning, operation, maintenance etc

          Certified for Quality Management System - 9001:2008, Environmental Management System - ISO 14001:2004, Occupational Health & Safety Management System -18001:2007

          Steps Included in Fire Systems Maintenance

          Global Alarms
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          Regular firefighting maintenance will prevent fire and damage from affecting people and your property. To make sure you have a fully functional system, you need the help of experts, who can check whatever type of fire alarm systems you are using.

          Your fire alarm system has been installed to protect your life and property. We all depend on fire alarm and fire fighting system functioning properly in the event of a fire, acting as an early warning system and enabling safe and timely evacuation during any fire emergency situation. We need to know we all have a legal obligation to ensure that the fire detection system is in good working condition and are up to the standards to current local regulatory standards.

          Without the right kind of Maintenance and services performed by the Civil defence approved fire alarm company and certified Engineers we put our life and property in risk.

          With our professional assistance as one of the leading firefighting installation companies, you will be able to make sure your systems work properly, whether they are new systems or any old systems or when they come close to needing replacement.

          The inspection, testing and maintenance are carried out according to NFPA standards and local regulatory requirements.

          AMC of Fire System Maintenance

          We provide professional Fire alarm, fire fighting, Emergency & Exit light systems AMC services for all kinds of commercial properties, schools, hospitals etc. These services are provided in two packages:

          Non-comprehensive AMC covers preventive maintenance services on a periodic basis. This will cover making sure that the system is working properly any spare parts replaced due to any defects on the system will be billed as per the spares utilized to maintain the systems.

          Comprehensive AMC includes the smooth functioning of the system, along with providing required spare parts in case of any malfunction or any defects in the components.

          The advantages of a fire system AMC are:

          • A professional and highly qualified team maintains all fire detection and prevention needs.
          • Our staff visits your location for any maintenance and management issues in the system, along with improving safety and carrying out maintenance and repairs.
          • Availability of the system is ensured by implementing proper preventive maintenance and monitoring of the systems.
          • We also offer remote monitoring services to monitor the health status of the equipment鈥檚 as per the customer needs.
          • Higher life expectancy of your system due to preventive maintenance.
          • All work is done according to NFPA ,civil defence and manufacturer standards.
          • Failure potential of fire system equipment is minimized.

          Process of having Firefighting Service


          Call us and tell us about the fire alarm, firefighting and protection services you need.


          Right opportunity for us to brief our products and services offered and any more detailed information based on customer interaction or requirement shall be communicated or discussed.


          Prices for our AMC products and services start from... 2,500/=AED onwards.


          Proper firefighting maintenance and the right kind of workers peoples and expertise to perform the work.


          Got my fire detection maintenance work done by this company, and very pleased with the timely and regular services and checks.

          Asif Javed

          Getting a strongfire system AMC is probably the best way to get the fire prevention peace of mind every house owner needs.

          John Adams

          A company having remote monitoring systems to have the fire alarms and faults monitored with their advanced technology which sends notification to my mobile phones.

          John Adams

          Our Certificate

          Civil defense approved company certificate

          Our Location in Abu Dhabi

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