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        • The Marine & Offshore Syncro ASM is a versatile range of open protocol fire alarm control panels compatible with existing Syncro fire alarm panel technology.
        • Hosting up to 126 Apollo fire detection devices and modules per loop, Syncro ASM uses leading edge microprocessor based electronics to provide a flexible control system with high reliability and integrity.
        • Suitable for all small to medium sized vessels, Syncro ASM control panels can be expanded and networked to become part of much larger systems if the need arises, therefore providing a future proof solution for any vessel.
        • With its large graphical display and ergonomic button and indicator layout, the Syncro ASM control panel is simple and straightforward to understand for installers, commissioning engineers and end users alike.
        • 16 zonal LED indicators
        • 2 programmable sounder circuits
        • 5 programmable inputs
        • 3 programmable relays
        • 3A power supply Large graphic display Real time clock
        • Powerful, network wide cause and effects
        • Sensitivity adjustment and Drift Compensation
        • Apollo protocol
        • Same look and feel as Syncro range
        • Stores 1000 last events in event log Compact, stylish enclosure
        • Installer friendly, removable equipment chassis
        • Fully EN54-2 and EN54-4 compliant


        MZX is a comprehensive range of fire controllers designed and built to BSEN ISO9001/2 and EN54. An advanced proven microprocessor based system, MZX provides conventional and digital addressable detection for new, refurbished and refitted detection systems.

        A wide range of detectors and ancillaries makes MZX suitable for applications from general cargo vessels to large passenger vessels and offshore installation.


        The MX/T2000 panels are intelligent EN54 approved and marine approved sub-panels, which can be networked to provide up to 396 detection loops and installed to BS5839:Pt.1.

        The T2000 sub-panel supports up to four loops supporting up to 1000 addressable devices and can be expanded using additional loop sub-panels

        The panel consists of a strong stainless steel enclosure incorporating a removable chassis plate. The chassis plate holds:

        • PSB800 5A 24Vd.c. battery backed power supply and loop booster to EN54:pt.4
        • FIM800 field interface PCB incorporating two MZX DIGITAL loops
        • CPU800 32 bit processor and memory card
        • Optional IOB800 input/output expansion card mounted on the PSB800
        • Optional network card and additional loop card(s) (T2000 only)
        • VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) Interface as standard

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