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          Home Security Remote Monitoring

          Real time monitoring 24 X 7

          • Power Outage Monitoring
          • Medical Monitoring
          • Fire monitoring
          • Environmental Monitoring
          • CCTV Monitoring
          • Guard Monitoring
          • Vehicle Monitoring
          • Temperature Monitoring
          • Alarms Status monitoring
          • Humidity Monitoring
          • Security Alarms Monitoring
          • Data Centres Alarm monitoring
          • Access Control
          • Response team management

          Communication status updating and reporting

          • 24 x 7 hand-shakes between the CMS & the device monitoring for communication verification.
          • Communication via GPRS, SMS, contacts ID etc.
          • Automatic Daily Reports generation.
          • Alarms receiving and re-broadcasting via SMS, E-mail, voice.
          • Multiple Monitoring of single device alarms in different locations.
          • Automated Billing.

          Automated controls & notification

          • Event functions.
          • Periodic Functions.
          • Remote devices, Status change Notifications.
          • Range functions.

          24 X 7 Point zero : integrated system and applications for the security industry

          • Integrated alarm response services
          • Guard / patrol tour system
          • Lone worker safety compliance
          • Duty officer management
          • Service call logging

          Operational overview

          The 24/7 Point Zero application for Service Industry & security officers has been designed for use by guards, patrol officers, response team members, duty inspectors, in fact any staff member in the field.

          This specific version is designed to interact with other versions, including direct message system and push to talk interoperability with clients using Corporate and/or Personal versions within the same monitoring station service group.

          The application streamlines operational activities, including reports and event logging, by providing direct connectivity between the duty officer and the monitoring station or operations center, thereby speeding up the activity process, reducing workload on duty operators, and removing the need for handwritten notes or log book entries for a variety of field events.

          Officer safety procedures are enhanced by regular check-in timer with reminder function including overdue check-in report to the monitoring station, incident location arrival record with safety timer and status report reminder function including overdue status report notification, Panic button notification with optional secondary notification by SMS to a pre programmed number, and Man Down notification including optional secondary notification by SMS to a pre programmed number.

          24/7 Point Zero features include direct data connection with alarm monitoring stations and live interaction with duty operators, event record logging direct to client history files, time selectable GPS location reporting whilst on duty, direct messaging system, guard tour location tag reporting direct to monitoring and operations centres when used on NFC equipped devices (with optional reminder alert for missed points), and function buttons to integrate related applications such as PTT (push to talk) and device camera programs.

          GPS location reports can also be sent direct to external GPSGate tracking systems if required, these reports provide Service Companies, guard and patrol companies with the ability to independently monitor staff transit activities at any time without reference to the monitoring station.

          User privacy is assured whilst off duty, GPS location reports and other functions are disabled - with only the Panic button in permanent operation. Receiving direct messages whilst off duty is a user selectable option at any time, and remote activation by others to initiate safety functions is a user permission selection in the main application menu.

          Operational use, tones

          This application has 8 distinct tones to notify of actions taken, actions required, and/or incoming alerts & messages (these tones cannot be changed by the user, refer to application settings for volume control)

          • Error tone - a single or incorrect icon tap / an icon action attempt when off duty
          • Reminder tone - a Regular Check-In report is overdue / a response situation report is overdue
          • Incoming message tone - an alarm response request is received / a message from another user is received
          • Monitoring station signal acknowledge tone - e.g. On Duty signal report received by the monitoring system / Regular Check-In signal report received by the monitoring system
          • Outgoing message acknowledge tone - a Send Report message received by the monitoring system / an outgoing user message is processed by the server.
          • Guard Tour tone - a tag read report received by the monitoring system
          • Man Down pre alert siren - the user has enabled Man Down function and the device has been at an angle outside normal operating limits for 30 seconds or longer.
          • Man Down alarm siren - the user has not returned the device to an acceptable operating position during the 30 second pre alert siren period following the original 30 second wait time

          Remote monitoring is a part of the security and surveillance system, usually placed in domestic settings. It gives homeowners effective access 24 hours a day, allowing them to gain a complete peace of mind about the location or their home.

          These systems are usually connected to a central monitoring and security system elsewhere, which not only serves as a place providing your house and property with security, but is also staffed by security experts, who are well-versed with responding to breaches and intrusions.

          The default position of insurance companies on this issue is that the alarm systems remain monitored, so the police is able to respond to the breaches on time, and effectively.

          The use of the technology and the fact that it is being administered by professionals means they have the ability and experience to tell accidental and fake alarms from genuine cases.

          Secondly, compared to household alarm systems and detectors for instance, remote monitoring serves as a powerful way to delivering a rapid response to any emergency. In other security administration methods, the call or alert is not sent directly to the police of a security company, which is the case with remote monitoring services.

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